My name is Alexis Mitchell
I am a Daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of
Love and Beauty.
Let's be friends!

Beauty is skin deep

Into the Dark: The Steady Steps 

The light tinkling sounds that paved the way for the whimsical melody started to resound inside the dance hall which gave the room a nocturnal and ethereal feel. Alexis took in a deep breath and made an arc like motion with her arms, from her side to over her head. She did it in a slow delicate motion that if elegance left a trail, one can see it leaving her fingertips. She bent her knees as she moved low then slowly straighten her legs. One bent again and it’s toe tip felt the side of her other knee. She then lashed the bent knee quickly, giving her enough momentum to do a pirouette. Of course, her movement ended in a perfect en pointe, just like any day. Alexis took ballet seriously. 

For the next three minutes, she poured her heart out to the fairy like music. She spun around the floor like she owned it. And in fact, she did. She was after all, the Sugar Plum Fairy: the regent of the Nutcracker’s kingdom. She felt a wave of exhilaration every time she ends routine well because she was passionate about what she does. Her love for the artful dance is actually one of the reasons why she and Flynn are very close.

A shriek suddenly escaped her lips when everything disappeared: the lights, the sound, and the ambiance. Alexis suddenly found herself in a dark dance studio. She slowly walked over to where her things are and glanced around the huge black space. She could feel her heart beat like drums inside her chest as the fear started to grip her.

"Is anyone there?" she called out, hoping that someone would hear her.

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